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Thanks to ImageShack for hosting the emoticon images.


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Change Log (and planned features)

Features that couldn't quite make it in time for this release:

v0.9.6 - 27th/06/06 - Current Version
v0.9.5 - 11th/05/06
v0.9.4 - 3rd/05/06
v0.9.3 - 15th/03/06
v0.9.2 - 2nd/03/06
v0.9.1 - 1st/03/06
v0.9 - 24th/02/06
v0.8 - 12th/02/06
v0.7.2 - Bug fix - 27th/01/06
v0.7.1 - Bug fix - 20th/01/06
v0.7 - Extend firefox entry - 6th/01/06
v0.6 - First public release - 23rd/12/05
v0.5 - Second private beta
v0.4 - First private beta
v0.1 - First version - 10th/11/05

Well, I have been wanting to do this for a while, what better time than for the Extend Firefox Competition

To Do

Here is my very rough to do list

Rework the CSS gen function - this is taking a very long time
New option: icons instead of text on nav (still waiting on a guy who may supply some icons - got some icons! :) - this requires some major reworking to allow for 3 settings per option (default, default with icons, icons only).
reconsider zebra strength
finish contact box
integrate google groups favourites and google bookmarks

add uninstall button to settings tab that will delete the label and remove extension
Allow adding custom CSS (eg: for font selection)
new windows do not have any CSS applied (hijack open.window?)
Attachment icon 1px cut off
Error: uncaught exception: null
option: force https? location.href = location.href.replace(/^http:/, 'https:');
tidy: split file up
user can add themes, theme editor, random base colour for others to be determined? styles with themes?
Sort out the horizontal wrapping
selected messages hightlighting woes
tweak reply page bottom

Need help:
Make it work with seamonkey (it's possible and should be an easy job for someone who knows about seamonkey)


If you liked this extension then email me to say thanks or send me large amounts of money :)
mdparker at gmail dot com

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