(Not so) Frequently Asked Questions

How are the settings stored on my Gmail account?
They are stored in a Gmail label, eg: gmskin:brown,1,0,0,0,0,0,0
I can't see this label you speak of, why not?
When the extension is enabled it will hide the label from the labels panel (on the left of your inbox). It will not hide it on the Gmail settings label tab (where you go to add/remove labels) - if you can't see the label here either then just refresh your inbox so that the Gmail client can get the most recent copy of your labels.
Will this extension steal my password/give me spam/eat my baby etc?
What's the point in [random feature]?
The "hide email address on inbox" option is because I am paranoid.
Why is [random skin] so vile?
I am not so great with colours, help is needed in this area. Now that I have got most of the skin 'engine' done, the next release will concentrate on some really slick skins.
Why are your rounded edges so rough?
It's the nature of -moz-border-radius!
How do you manage to inject JS when gmails function names constantly change?
Rather than calling a function directly, I find its name by crawling through (ie: parsing the text of a function line by line) its callers callers caller... etc. This finds a 'path' through the JS.
How can I tell the difference between read/unread mail when zebra stripes are enabled on the default skin?
The only difference in this case is that the new mail has bold text.
Can I make my own skin?
Soon. I suggest you wait until the next version as there will be the internal workings to add extra CSS to each skin. I have been playing with some 'live' editor ideas. At the moment you can if you hack around with the source a bit [ search for: new gms_skin("def ]

The gmailskins project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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